Study Association STORM

STORM is the study association of the departments Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. STORM stands for STudent ORganisation Mathematicians, but is an association which has long been for more than just mathematics students.

Are you studying Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science or Mathematics at VU Amsterdam?


Amsterdam University Programming Contest

26th of August

Friday 25 August '23

Lustrum Tickets on Sale January 11th!

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Tuesday 10 January '23

STORM domain change

25th of November

Friday 2 December '22

Join the Adyen In-House Day

14th of June

Friday 3 June '22

June 2022

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Wednesday 1 June '22

May 2022

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Sunday 1 May '22

April 2022

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Friday 1 April '22

March 2022

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Wednesday 2 March '22

February 2022

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Wednesday 2 February '22

Welcome back on Campus!

(still COVID edition)

Tuesday 7 September '21

New STORM Website

Keep an eye out for new posts!

Friday 9 July '21